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Co-ordinating Colours – A Shirt And Tie Guide

Do you feel that you haven’t fully mastered the art of a matching shirt and tie? From deciding which colours go well together to realising the prints that complement each other, it can be tricky. Take a look at this comprehensive shirt and tie guide: Complementing Colours When complementing your shirt and tie colours, try […] …


5 Things Women Say They Love About Men’s Skin

Guys, here’s the reality: Women love your skin. Sure, you probably get more compliments on your bulging biceps or chiseled abs. But make no mistake—the ladies go absolutely bananas over guys with amazing-looking skin. Which naturally begs the question: What is it about your skin that women love in particular? Take a look and then […] …


8 Things Guys Worry About – But Shouldn’t Tips

Guys aren’t immune to entertaining silly, irrational thoughts on occasion. Unlike women, we’re just generally better at hiding the things that we needlessly worry about. From the size of our package to our perfectly-adequate incomes, guys regularly stress over things that would probably make women laugh. So, if you’re a guy reading this, start taking […] …


5 Reasons Why Ruby Gemstones Make the Hottest Engagement Rings

Alternative gemstone engagement rings used to be quite rare. The classic colorless (clear) diamond engagement ring has been the most popular engagement ring style for centuries. Fast forward to the 21st century though, and alternative gemstone engagement rings are not only becoming more popular, but their sales are surpassing diamond rings in some cases. The […] …


Five Activities – Men Consider Too Feminine

We live in a world today where gender is always a difficult subject. The injustices are rife when it comes to gender equality, and boundaries are continuing to be broken when it comes to pay gaps and even recognition of gender itself. And while many modern men are firmly for gender equality, some still find […] …


Vintage Cars – Nostalgia Trends Never Die

New cars are being made rapidly these days. We have never been this advanced in terms of automobile technology, so these modern cars are far more superior in many ways compared to the old ones. Yet, it is not uncommon to spot an old car once in a while on the roads, parking lots, and […] …